Security Certificates (SSL/TLS)

GeoTrust RapidSSL
True Business ID
True Business ID SAN
Trustwave Premium SSL Wildcard
True Business ID Wildcard

The True BusinessID Wildcard certificate is an easy and affordable solution for organization looking to secure multiple websites through one server certificate. It is ideal for web hosting organizations and corporations wishing to serve multiple sites off their same base domain name.

True Business ID with Extended Validation

GeoTrust True BusinessID with Extended Validation is a premium business-class SSL security product, visually confirming the highest level of authentication available among SSL certificates. This cert shares all the features of the regular True BusinessID with the added feature of Extended Validaion. Where a security certificate verifies the security of your website, Extended Validation helps assure your customers that your business is legitimate.
Convenient online purchase and installation
True BusinessID authenticates the business / organization
Identity verification Smart Seal – embedded with YOUR company name/date/time in the stamp
Compatible with 99% of all browsers
Full 128-bit encryption technology
Provisioned in two business days or less
Used by Burning Diode for our order and billing systems

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QuickSSL Premium

The QuickSSL Premium certificate combines the functionality of the QuickSSL certificate with a GeoTrust smart seal – all provisioned within 10 minutes. The high visibility seal, containing the live date and time stamp, assures your customers that their credit card and other information will not be viewed, intercepted or altered. This makes it ideal for corporate and e-commerce web sites.
QuickSSL Premium offers the strongest real-time authentication process on the market today using the ChoicePoint Unique Identifier – the equivalent to a DUNS number, GeoTrust’s industry-recognized domain control authentication and two-factor telephony authentication.


Burning Diode provides GeoTrust Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates to our customers. Burning Diode is a proud OpenSRS reseller which means our customers get great prices with unbeatable service.
Why purchase GeoTrust SSL certificates from Burning Diode?
Less expensive than many competitors
Less hassle
Customers will have confidence in your website knowing it is protected with one of the best known names in security
We use a GeoTrust certificate ourselves so we know first hand how it integrates with our webservers